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American Sprinter Vans of Annapolis is an official dealer for Freightliner Sprinter, we are proud to represent the franchise in the Annapolis area. We're here for you whether you need a new or pre-owned Sprinter Van. We also provide Sprinter van service and parts.


Below you can see our model options and learn more about Freightliner Sprinter van's maufactured by Mercedes-Benz with their technology and innovations. Whether you're in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia and Southern Pennsylvania, American Sprinter Vans of Annapolis can help you drive your business. Sprinter includes standard fuel-efficient 2-stage turbo engine, a modern appearance with a spacious interior, and the most advanced safety features to protect you, your passengers, and your business.

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American Sprinter Vans  - The Baltimore/Washington Metro Area's  LARGEST SPRINTER DEALER!!!

 For too long, there has been too little choice in the commercial van market. The Freightliner Sprinter changes all that. The Sprinter sets a new standard in its class. Through the combined efforts of Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner, two of the most respected names in the business, a new van has arrived — a van with features and benefits you just can’t get anywhere else.

Here’s why you should consider the Freightliner Sprinter Van manufactured by Mercedes-Benz:

  • Sprinter Van fuel efficiency — The Mercedes-Benz Turbocharged CDI engine offers outstanding fuel efficiency. City mileage for the Sprinter is better than the highway mileage of the competition’s gas-guzzling V8! In fact, our demo model consistently averaged 22 mpg over the months we 
    tested it with many different drivers. This translates into lower operating costs and fewer stops at the pump.
  • Sprinter Van Longer engine life — The Turbocharged CDI engine is more durable than comparable gasoline-powered engines — good news for high mileage users.
  • Sprinter Van Bigger payload — The Sprinter’s light-weight body and heavy-duty chassis let it carry up to twice the payload of a comparable van.
  • Sprinter Van Improved maneuverability — The Sprinter’s power steering and tight turning radius make navigating tight city streets a breeze.
  • Sprinter Van More versatility — The Sprinter’s standard 65-inch interior roof height is almost 10 inches taller than the competition’s. With the optional 76-inch high roof, you have the freedom to walk freely in your van — not crawl. And with over 80 options and 15 option packages, the Sprinter can be customized to just about any business need.
  • Sprinter Van Car-like comfort — Step into a Sprinter and you feel like you’re stepping into a sedan. Multi-way adjustable seats and an ergonomic interior design with a clean, uncluttered organized instrument panel make it easy for the driver to focus on driving — comfortably.
  • Sprinter Van Superior value — The Freightliner Sprinter features exceptional Mercedes-Benz engineering backed by legendary Freightliner support — that makes the Sprinter one value-packed vehicle.
  • Sprinter Van Top of the line Safety — The Freightliner Sprinter Passenger CUV brings unmatched confidence to the road. Our advanced Adaptive ESP®‡ (Electronic Stability Program) adjusts accordingly to what you’ve got in the back – incorporating Load Adaptive Control to help maintain stability and Roll Over Mitigation to help maintain vehicle control. Combined with a sound construction and some of the most forward-thinking safety features on the market, this CUV outsmarts just about any other commercial vehicle on the road.   

Call Jack Leonard, VP of Sprinter Sales at (800) 888-5466 or email to find out more about Sprinters and how this new wave can move your business to take the next step forward.



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